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Published Papers

TWI Crystal Research - Published Papers

Advanced Ultrasonic Imaging – Full Matrix Capture and Virtual Source Aperture

Real-time full matrix capture for ultrasonic non-destructive testing with acceleration of post-processing through graphic hardware - ScienceDirect

Multiple virtual source aperture imaging for non-destructive testing

Virtual source aperture imaging for non-destructive testing: Ingenta Connect

Virtual source aperture imaging and calibration for ultrasonic inspections through dual layered media

Automatic defect recognition of single-v welds using full matrix data, computer vision and multi-layer perceptron artificial networks

Virtual source aperture image processing methods for non-destructive testing

Calibration of ultrasonic techniques using full matrix capture data for industrial applications

Virtual source aperture imaging for the detection and sizing of vertically aligned flaws in non-destructive testing

An Ultrasonic Frequency Domain Imaging Algorithm using Virtual Sources

Autofocussing through Arbitrary Component Geometries

Full matrix capture with time-efficient auto-focusing of unknown geometry through dual layered media

Virtual source aperture imaging with auto-focusing of unknown complex geometry through dual layered media - ScienceDirect

Automated Application of Full Matrix Capture to Assess the Structural Integrity of Mooring Chains | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore


NDT of composites

Ultrasonic imaging of full matrix capture acquired data for carbon fibre-reinforced polymers

Ceramics | Free Full-Text | Advances in Damage Monitoring Techniques for the Detection of Failure in SiCf/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites

Surface NDT

Large-area surface imaging methods using ultrasonic Rayleigh wave, phased array and full matrix capture for non-destructive testing

Effects of relative motion on a Rayleigh wave electromagnetic acoustic transducer operating on aluminium

Probe separation distance (PSD) applied to an industrial girth weld application (

Computerised Tomography and X-Ray imaging

Limited-angle ultrasonic tomography back-projection imaging

Limited-angle weighted ultrasonic back-projection imaging with ART algorithm imaging

Deployment of digital radiography for subsea inspection of flexible risers (

Comparison of different iterative reconstruction algorithms for X-ray volumetric inspection


An improved methodology of melt pool monitoring of direct energy deposition processes - ScienceDirect

The influence of key process parameters on melt pool geometry in direct energy deposition additive manufacturing systems - ScienceDirect