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TWI Software News - Off-the-shelf Welding Coordinator released

TWI Software News - Off-the-shelf Welding Coordinator released

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TWI has developed about fifteen customised Welding Coordinator systems for Companies such as VT Shipbuilding in Portsmouth, UK, BP Chemicals in Hull and Grangemouth, UK and Entergy Nuclear Northeast in Oswego, NY, USA. These systems are designed to manage production welding by recording and controlling documentation relating to welds. Because the systems are fully integrated with Weldspec and Welde`rqual, the users get maximum benefit from the systems' abilities to automatically select welding procedures and welders and to automatically update welders' qualifications based on satisfactory production welds.

In addition, the systems can produce progress reports, defect reports, print data books on completion of projects, link to NDTspec to store NDT/NDE reports, etc., etc.

The benefit of a fully customised system is that it does exactly what you want it to with no compromises. Most companies manage production welding very differently and a customised system can match existing practices. However, because a customised system is a one-off, it is relatively expensive when compared to an off-the-shelf system where development and maintenance costs can be shared by a number of users.

TWI has just released an off-the-shelf version of its Welding Coordinator software. This system allows you to configure the layout of content of the `weld data sheet' or `weld history log' on which the program is based. The weld data sheet comprises the following :

  • A header describing a project or sub-project.
  • A table of welds. Each row in the table represents a weld and you can define which columns of data make up the table.
  • Signature blocks for document sign-off. These can also be fully configured.
The system can produce progress reports and defect reports and can also print project data books. A project data book typically comprises one or more weld data sheets along with all the WPSs and related PQRs and welder certification used on a project.

The completed weld data sheet then acts a full traceability system for between welds and their associated information.




Contact Andy Brightmorefor more information on the Welding Coordinator software.