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Welding and integrity management software from TWI
TWI Welding Software

TWI Software products

TWI has been developing and selling software products to support customers in welding, engineering and training for over 30 years.

Welding and joining are regulated technologies, and the rules and regulations are both complex and comprehensive. Satisfying quality assurance requirements can be time-consuming and difficult. Software with built-in welding and engineering expertise can help organisations to meet these requirements and TWI's combination of extensive expertise in both latest software development techniques and all aspects of welding and joining technology make it ideally positioned to develop this kind of software.


Welding Software

Solutions for welding procedures, qualifications, fabrication and NDT reporting.  TWI’s welding software range comprises industry standard welding documentation with built-in code-intelligence from ASME, EN/ISO and AWS welding codes.


Integrity Management Software

TWI’s integrity management software provides users with a versatile method for assessment of safety-critical components in industry, such as pipelines, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and offshore structures.