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RiskWISE™ News Issue 7

RiskWISE™ News Issue 7

Riskwise News

Petrovietnam take on RISKWISE™ approach to risk based inspection (RBI)

The Research and Development Centre for Petroleum Safety and Environment (RDCPSE), Vietnam, recently began a RBI pilot study for one of Petrovietnam's gas distribution stations.

RDCPSE are responsible for consulting to Petrovietnam on matters relating to safety and environmental protection for their oil and gas operations and the objective of their RBI study was to prove and improve, the safety and integrity of the plant being assessed by considering the likelihood and consequences of failure.

TWI conducted a RBI training course for RDCPSE, using RISKWISE™ for Process Plant™, at their offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The course focused on transferring TWI's expertise in RBI implementation to RDCPSE, through interactive assessments on selected equipment items from Petrovietnam's gas terminal.


Valero Energy USA implement RISKCalc

The Valero refinery in Wilmington, California is one of the leading refineries in North America, in terms of both energy efficiency and complexity. The refinery has a total throughput capacity of 140,000 barrels per day (BPD) with products including 100% CARB gasoline, jet fuel, CARB diesel, propane, coke and asphalt.

Valero currently uses the UltraPIPE inspection data management and analysis software developed by Berwanger Inc. of Houston, Texas. TWI's RISKCalc was retrospectively purchased as an additional module to the UltraPIPE software system. Since RISKCalc shares the same database as UltraPIPE, a large majority of equipment data required to set up the risk assessments in RISKCalc had already been entered, making the risk assessments quicker and enabling the risk analysis results to be linked, automatically, back in to UltraPIPE's inspection scheduling module, (RBI Methodology).

A joint training course was held at the Wilmington refinery where TWI and Berwanger engineers guided Valero?s engineers through the effective application of the combined software systems.

New RISKWISE™ version 3 for 2005

The new version of RISKWISE will include:
  • print reports direct to pdf using an in-built pdf writer, allowing controlled distribution of reports by e-mail
  • improved software Help to assist new and existing users to make efficient use of the software
  • expanded damage mechanism knowledge-base incorporating the new API RP571 document in pdf format
  • batch export of the written scheme of examination to file, allowing easy integration with other data systems
  • enhanced electronic interfacing so as to use existing databases as an information source for RISKWISE™
  • complete foreign language capability to improve the user friendliness of the software
TWI will continue to support Version 2 of RISKWISE™ after the release of version 3.

TWI will also take the opportunity to revise certain clauses in the software license agreement, for example covering: liability, pricing for end-users, training requirements for Associate Partners, etc.

In addition, TWI's web-based software support services will allow users to rapidly download any regular minor future enhancements to the software, from our new website at www.twisoftware.com/riskwise

We will contact our users in due course but if you have any immediate questions, please contact us at riskwise@twi.co.uk


For users of ANTEA's `Inspection Manager' data storage system:

RISKWISE™ can now import `Inspection Manager' data avoiding the need to re-enter the asset information. Also the risk analysis results can be imported back into `Inspection Manager' enabling `Inspection Manager' output to be updated with the most up to date risk assessment information from RISKWISE™.