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RiskWISE™ News Issue 11

RiskWISE™ News Issue 11

Riskwise News

RISKWISE for Boilers TM used at Fayette Power Station in Texas

Fayette Power Station situated near La Grange in Texas operates three units capable of generating 1,641 MW of electricity. Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) operates all three units. Units 1 and 2 (each 598 MW) were constructed in 1979 and 1980 respectively. Unit 3 (445 MW) was completed in 1988.

RISKWISE for Boilers TM was used to develop and optimize the outage workscope for the boiler units.


The pre-outage methodology takes the data collected by the assessment team and allows the team to evaluate what-if scenarios for all the major boiler components, varying outage intervals, inspection and repair workscopes and operating conditions. During the outage phase, areas identified as potential problems are addressed within the NDT inspection and maintenance activity. During the post-outage phase, the results and findings of the inspection together with details of any repairs are fed back into RISKWISE for Boilers TM and the cycle starts again.

RISKWISE for Boilers TM was also used to prioritize the various LCRA Units. It helped compare one unit to the next and was used to schedule future outages, upgrades and repairs. It provided optimized recommendations for:

  • repair, replace, inspect or monitor
  • scope, timing and nature of NDE methods
  • capital planning.


Taipower buys RISKWISE TM and CRACKWISE ©

The state-run Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) is responsible for production and distribution of electric power in Taiwan. To assist the company in managing plant lifetime RISKWISE for Boilers TM and Crackwise © software tools were supplied together with their respective training courses.

RISKWISE for Boilers TM Version 4 incorporates NERC-GADS data

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has been compiling the Generator Availability Data System (GADS) for many years now. This system provides availability and reliability statistics to the power industry on an item by item basis. GADS data are compiled annually and TWI has now incorporated this data in the new Version 4 of RISKWISE for Boilers TM to provide a tool for the initial screening and benchmarking of power plant. Version 4 also includes several new quantitative and automated features which speed up the implementative process for boilers and HRSGs.

Alumina refinery maintains environmental standards

Recent RISKWISE Licencees, Aughinish Alumina, Ireland, have begun an RBI implementation process throughout their refinery's storage tanks using RISKWISE for Tanks TM . The objective of the RBI process was to prioritise and focus resources to maintain their environmental commitments, improve plant safety and optimise resource allocation. The initial study focused on their storage tanks and RBI will eventually be rolled out throughout their process equipment and pipelines with a view to implement RISKWISE TM on their CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plant.

Initial risk audits were conducted under the guidance of TWI's RBI engineers and highlighted some areas for simple but effective improvements. Aughinish will now complete and maintain the risk assessments themselves with remote support and periodic auditing from TWI.

Background on Aughinish
Aughinish Alumina is an alumina refinery based on Aughinish Island on the Shannon Estuary near Foynes in Co. Limerick, Ireland.
It employs 500 people and about 200 contractors in an operation that sees about 1.8 million tonnes of alumina (a white powder) being extracted from imported bauxite each year. The alumina is exported to aluminium smelters around Europe and elsewhere.
Aughinish is in production since 1983 and injects about €90 million each year into the local economy. It is owned by Glencore, a Swiss metal trading and production company.

RISKWISE TM gets high visibility at EPRI conference

RISKWISE TM was presented by TWI at an Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Conference on Advances in Condition and Remaining Life Assessment of Fossil Power Plants held in Louisville, Kentucky in October 2006. The paper, entitled "Optimized Outage Planning of Fossil Boilers using RISKWISE Risk-Based Inspection Software" was jointly authored by LCRA, Alstom and TWI. Following the presentation, interest was expressed by several utility representatives present. Discussions subsequently took place with EPRI and proposals are in process to utilities.

For further information and a copy of the presentation material, please contact TWI's North American office:
E-mail: floydabaker@msn.comTel: 936 433 8202 or riskwise@twi.co.uk