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RiskWISE™ News Issue 10

RiskWISE™ News Issue 10

Riskwise News

Korea East-West Power Company adopts RBI using RISKWISETM

Korea East-West Power Co Ltd (KEWP) is one of the largest power generation companies in Korea following the splitting up of the state-owned Korea Electric Power Corporation's (KEPCO) non-nuclear generation business in 2001. RBI is being implemented plant-wide at Danjing thermal power plant which comprises four 500 MW supercritical coal-fired units. KEWP is the first generating company in Korea to adopt a formal RBI approach.

New add-in modules for RISKWISETM

Two new modules are now available within RISKWISETM. The first module can be used to calculate user estimated life and subsequently will automatically answer the likelihood of failure sequence on the Risk Factors screen. The second module uses new input fields on the Inspection Methods and Damage Mechanisms screens to automatically determine the inspection effectiveness for each damage mechanism.

For more information on these modules, or further development plans, please contact: riskwise@twi.co.uk

User definable treeview hierarchy in RISKWISETM version 3.15

Using a new configuration tool under the Options menu it is now possible to regroup the treeview display using any of the fields in the Item Properties screen. For example, the figure shows the normal display and then the same view after items have been grouped by site, unit, boiler section, item type, item number. The latest version, Version 3.15, can be downloaded from TWI's website and also includes a further user-definable Inspection Methods display and user-definable Damage Mechanisms display.

RISKWISETM accommodates offshore gas turbine guidelines

The UK Health and Safety Executive ( www.hse.gov.uk) recently published a guidance note (RR430) regarding the integrity and inspection of offshore gas turbines. This complements the advice in HSE Guidance Note PM84, recently re-issued, covering the integrity of gas turbines used in power generation and HSE Research Report RR076 which provides general guidance on rotating equipment including turbines.

RISKWISE for Gas TurbinesTM now accommodates these HSE guidelines and allows owners to develop a thorough understanding of the effect of operating and plant conditions to maintain cost-effective and safe life management plans for offshore gas turbines.

ENGFitTM Toolbox

TWI has produced fitness-for-service (FFS) assessment software called ENGFitTM Toolbox designed to help engineers evaluate the integrity of ageing boilers, pressure vessels, piping and pipelines. The main features of this software are:

  • A wide range of assessment modules in one package
  • Validated procedures based on API, BSI and ASME in a single tool
  • Critical flaw dimensions for safe operation can be quickly calculated
  • Complete PDF reporting for easy inclusion in paper or electronic systems.
All assessments are rigorous applications of the relevant standards and procedures. New assessment modules are continually added to the software.

Existing RISKWISETM users can request the ENGFitTM module by e-mailing riskwise@twi.co.uk


Invited RBI Lecture in Korea

In June, TWI gave an invited presentation on risk-based inspection and maintenance at the Korean Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference in Busan, South Korea. The presentation was given to an audience covering Korea's nuclear, fossil, power and process plant interests.