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Create and manage welder qualification documents

Welder qualification software for engineers and managers who track and manage welder qualifications to ASME IX, EN 287/EN ISO 9606 and AWS D1.1

  • reduces overheads and enhances efficiency in managing welder qualifications
  • ensures welder qualifications comply with ASME IX
  • EN 287/EN ISO 9606 and AWS D1.1 code rules
  • cuts costs by keeping qualifications up-to-date
  • saves time finding qualified welders
  • includes facility to incorporate welder photographs
**New** Creating ISO 9606-1 welder qualifications from EN 287-1 qualifications using Welderqual

This video shows how to create ISO 9606-1 welder qualifications using Welderqual version 20447. ISO 9606-1 has some significant differences from EN 287-1, including a new emphasis on filler material groupings rather than base materials, new variables to be recorded and new three year retest method of continuing qualification.

TWI will shortly release a version of Welderqual which has the code rules from ISO 9606-1 built in automatically, but this video shows how to use the pre-ISO 9606-1 version of Welderqual to create ISO 9606-1 qualifications.

Welderqual Video Demonstration

Click the thumbnail below to view a video demonstration highlighting Welderqual's features and how it can benefit you and your company. Please note the video demonstrates a previous version of Welderqual.

Welderqual Software Download

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Key Features
  • ensures compliance with codes by using built-in code rules from ASME IX,
  • EN 287/EN ISO 9606 and AWS D1.1 to help create and check documents
  • generates ranges of approval and test requirements from code rules
  • saves time by using built-in tables of ASME and AWS base materials and filler materials to help select suitable filler materials
  • includes a welder maintenance log to keep qualifications up-to-date and maintain full welders history
  • supports multiple welding processes on one welder performance qualification form
  • searches by welder, process, joint type, material and other welder/process variables
  • provides full traceability of document creation, editing and signing with electronic signatures
  • allows the document header to be customised to include your own company name and logo
  • can be run over a local area network (LAN) with multiple users
  • integrates with other welding software such as Weldspec™ and Welding
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Single User 3 User Annual Maintenance
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Single User 3 User Annual Maintenance
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