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RISKWISE for Storage Tanks

RiskWISE® for Storage Tanks

Advanced Risk Based Inspection (RBI) software for optimising inspection and maintenance of storage tanks

Industry is recognising that benefits may be gained from adopting formal risk-based maintenance (RBM) approaches to integrity management of above-ground storage tanks through improved targeting and scheduling of inspection and maintenance effort.

  • unit-wide risk audit enables repair and maintenance resources to be risk-focused
  • safe inspection intervals are formally obtained based on an implicit time dimension of risk
  • risk mitigation measures are signalled and selected to meet inspection frequency targets
  • highly user friendly decision support tool in accordance with the new API RP 580
  • stores tank information in the Item Properties and Materials screens. This information can be easily integrated with asset information in other applications, via the in-built RISKWISE® 'Import Wizard'
  • captures all relevant historical inspection and maintenance history in the Inspection Methods screen for subsequent use in the identification of tank damage mechanisms prior to the risk assessment
  • captures the location of all active and potentially active damage mechanisms within each storage tank
  • assesses seven likelihood (probability) of failure factors and nine consequence of failure factors, for each tank
  • presents the results of the risk analysis for each of the damage mechanisms, over the three forward time intervals, as well as the resulting remaining life indicator (RLI) which defines a safe inspection interval
  • presents RBI assessors with a risk action plan from which the most suitable risk mitigation options, for critical tanks, can be evaluated
  • improved safety
  • optimum maintenance spend
  • facilitates increased inspection intervals
  • incorporates results of acoustic emission tests
  • English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish language versions available

RISKWISE for Tanks - Benefits in Brief

Key features
  • user friendly software, fully transparent - ensures buy-in by users
  • audit team approach - accommodates plant experience
  • interfaces with computerised existing inspection management systems
  • time-based risk auditing module - equipment ranked by risk and remaining life
  • maintenance frequency based on formal reliability rules - remaining life indicator (RLI) module
  • focus/defocus module - facilitates selection of optimum mitigation measures
  • fully auditable output - acceptability to insurers/regulators

RISKWISE for Tanks - Key Features

Example of inspection methods input

Implementation approach

RiskWISE for Tanks™ can be applied to all types of atmospheric storage tanks. The following approach is normally adopted:

  1. customise and populate software to the specified plant
  2. install the software
  3. training in the implementation and functionality of the software
  4. back-up consultancy support as required.

RISKWISE for Tanks - Implentation Approach

Risk summary and remaining life indicator (RLI) for a single tank

Equipment requirement

PC (stand-alone or networked) with MS-Windows operating system (NT 4.0, or higher)

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