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Customised RiskWISE® Training

Custom RiskWISE® Training

Interactive, on-the-job training in line with API and ASME codes using TWI's Risk Based Inspection (RBI) assessment software

Available to RiskWISE® licensees only

  • In-house training of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) operators cuts out the need for specialist consultants to set-up the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) system
  • Interactive training accelerates learning for the trainee Risk Based Inspection (RBI) assessment team
  • Realistic training on actual equipment items rather than idealised training examples
  • Interaction with experienced TWI Risk Based Inspection (RBI) engineers creating an opportunity for TWI to advise on particular implementation problems
  • Assessment of up to 25 of the operator's equipment items during the training, through interactive assessments with TWI RBI engineers
On-site programme
  • 1 day formal training
  • 3 days of interactive risk-assessment, inspection planning and preparation of risk mitigation plans
  • 1 day wrap-up session including a presentation of the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) results on the 25 items

    The equipment operator will be expected to collate equipment data, historical information etc. under the guidance of TWI. This information will subsequently be transferred to the software database during the interactive assessment.


The duration for this on-the-job training programme is 4 weeks.

The operator will be expected to provide suitable meeting rooms, facilities, PCs or laptops for the assessment team.

The recommended maximum number of trainees is 10.

Training activities TWI Operator
Collect equipment information   x
Review maintenance and inspection history x x
Undertake damage mechanism assessment x x
Import information into database   x
Preliminary risk assessment x x
Risk mitigation and inspection planning x x
Management presentation meeting x x
Software installation   x

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