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NDTspec - NDT software - NDT / NDE report management - TWI Welding Software


Create and manage NDT / NDE reports

NDT documentation software for engineers who manage NDT/NDE reports

  • increases productivity leading to savings in time and costs
  • meets QA requirements for welding and documentation for all major codes and standards
  • reduces costs with fast, easy creation of NDT/NDE reports
  • saves time with pre-defined layouts for radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye penetrant reports
  • minimises effort by ensuring traceability of documentation
NDTspec Software Download

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Sample Documents

Radiographic NDE Report

Key Features
  • has a large number of pre-drawn technique sketches that can be inserted into a report on the click of a mouse button
  • allows you to create your own technique sketches for later use (using any com+ compliant drawing tool)
  • includes a generalised form for recording other techniques such as visual or eddy current testing
  • allows you to record multiple welds on each NDT/NDE report
  • includes electronic decay chart and history log of shot times, development items etc.
  • intelligent database of radiographic sources calculates present curies from initial curies
  • has full electronic signature capability including optional bitmap signatures
  • provides full traceability of document creation, editing and signing
  • allows document headers to be customised to include your own company name and logo
  • can be run over a local area network (LAN) with multiple users
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