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CrackWISE | BS 7910 fracture mechanics software
CrackWISE® 5


Fracture mechanics software in accordance with BS 7910

Automation of fracture and fatigue assessment procedures (BS 7910) for engineering critical assessment

  • decision-support software designed to assist engineers in evaluating the integrity of pipelines, pressure equipment and structures containing flaws
  • rigorous application of the revised BS 7910:2013 fracture and fatigue crack growth assessment procedures
  • leading software adopted by fitness-for-service(FFS) engineers
Download a free demo now

This is the full version of the software, however it will only operate in demonstration mode, and will cease after 90 days.  Full operational mode is granted with an appropriate license file. Please contact sales@twisoftware.com to purchase this license.

For installation instructions and tutorials please go to the support page.

Download the CrackWISE® brochure

  • automates the widely-accepted flaw assessment procedure, BS 7910
  • fully compatible with the fracture and fatigue clauses of BS 7910:2013. An analysis carried out using CW5 is therefore compatible with the document and traceable to the relevant clauses
  • based on over 20 years of experience in software development and ECA consultancy
  • extensively validated software, developed under TickIT plus
  • latest advances in fracture assessment techniques incorporated
  • current edition of BS 7910 in pdf included
  • user-friendly interface, intuitive to both existing and new CrackWISE® users
  • software and technical support available from TWI experts
  • future integration with TWI RiskWISE and IntegriWISE 
The engineering critical assessment (ECA) concept is an accepted practice and the BS 7910 procedures are routinely applied in a range of industries including:
  • pressure vessels
  • pipelines - on and offshore
  • offshore structures
  • storage tanks
  • buildings
  • bridges
  • ships
  • aircraft
  • wind turbine structures
  • power plants (fossil, hydro and nuclear)
  • other structural components

Practical application to BS 7910 procedures for the assessment of flaws in structures- 4-day course to provide practising engineers with a firm foundation for the application of BS 7910 to the assessment of flaws using fitness-for-service (FFS) methods and principles of fracture mechanics.

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