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Welding software

Weldspec™ Storage and management of welding procedures (WPSs and PQR/WPARs) with code checking to ASME IX, EN 288 and AWS D1.1.

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Welderqual™ Storage and management of welder qualifications (WPQs/WATCs) with built-in code rules from ASME IX, EN 287 and AWS D1.1 Visit product page
NDTspec™ Storage and management of NDE/NDT reports Visit product page
Welding Coordinator™ Full company-wide management and traceability of fabrication information Visit product page
Welding Estimator Weld, component and welding project costing tool Visit product page

Integrity Management software

RiskWISE® Advanced Risk Based Inspection (RBI) software program designed for optimising plant inspection and maintenance. Visit product page
CrackWISE® 5     Decision support software for automation of fracture and fatigue assessment procedures in BS 7910:2005 for engineering criticality assessment and fitness for service evaluations. Visit product page
IntegriWISE™ Fitness-for-Service software designed to assist engineers in evaluating the integrity of ageing pipework, pipelines, storage tanks, boilers, pressure vesels and high temperature equipment. Visit product page