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Welderqual Support


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Will Welderqual work under Windows 7 ?
Welderqual is a full 32-bit application, so it will work quite happily on Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP and Windows 7.

How many people can run Welderqual at my company ?
The standard licence gives three users. You can buy as many more user licences as you wish. Please note that we don't distinguish between read-only users and 'write' users. All users need a licence.

What happens if welders leave the company ?
Welderqual allows you to define welders as 'inactive'. All their qualifications remain valid, but will not be found during a search for qualified welders. If an inactive welder rejoins the company, setting the welder to 'active' will then make all the qualifications visible.

Can I create a WPQ directly from a WPS in Weldspec ?
No. The reason for this is that a WPS will almost always quote a range of thickness and diameter (if pipe). Also, a WPS is usually applicable to multiple joint types and will be for a range of parent materials. A WPS is not specific enough to be used to automatically create a WPQ.

Can I create a welder qualification to more than one code ?
In theory, yes. You can turn the code checking off, then manually enter data onto the blank form. However, in practice, this is extremely difficult to achieve and still meet all the requirements of more than one code. Welderqual will not attempt to automatically create one document to meet two codes.

Do you charge for code updates ?
Yes. The annual maintenance charge covers all code updates. See prices for details of the Annual Maintenance Scheme (AMS).

Do you incorporate the latest versions of the codes ?
Yes. We have representatives on the major code committees and we update the software whenever the codes change. For the US codes, this includes the databases of the base and filler materials.

If you still require further help, please contact our Software Support Team