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CrackWISE5 Installation Instructions



Is CrackWISE truly code compliant to BS 7910?
Yes, TWI is part of the BS 7910 committee and are committed to ensure that the product is fully code compliant.

How do I know if I have the latest update of the version of CrackWISE I have purchased?

The latest release of CrackWISE is posted on the downloads page. You may check your current version by clicking Help, About CrackWISE in CrackWISE. Compare your version number to the one displayed on the downloads page. You should always have the latest update of your purchased version of CrackWISE. Customers are notified of any critical updates to the product.

Will I always have the latest version of the software?
Customers may download the latest update for the version of CrackWISE they have purchased. Customers unable to use the download facility can also have a CD couriered or mailed to them. This software will work in registered mode with no need for further registration.

How do I register the software?
You can register the software once payment has been cleared at TWI. Registration can then take place via email or by a telephone call.

Can I try out the software?
Yes. All TWI software is available as a trial version. You can download CrackWISE here. The trial version has limited capability, but can be converted to full featured operation by purchasing a license from TWI.

If you require further help, please contact our support team