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RiskWISE™ News Issue 8

RiskWISE™ News Issue 8

Riskwise News

TWI working with Korean Power Institute to establish integrated RBI system for fossil power plants

TWI has won a major contract with the Korean Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI) to produce a plant-wide risk-based inspection planning system for fossil power stations. Located at Daejon, South Korea, KEPRI is the research centre of KEPCO, the Korean Electric Power Corporation.

The project is intended to support KEPRI in the development of the integrated RBI system. Specifically, TWI will transfer RiskWISETM RBI technology to KEPRI and extend RiskWISE for BoilersTM to cover turbogenerator and balance of plant items on fossil power plants. The work, which will involve the secondment of KEPRI staff to TWI in the UK, will include the production of technical modules to automate the risk analysis process particularly in the determination o f likelihood of failure and inspection effectiveness.

For more information contact the RiskWISE team by email: riskwise@twi.co.uk or telephone +44(0)1223 891162

Malaysian power plant to adopt RiskWISE for BoilersTM

Tenaga Nasional Berhad's (TNB) Pasir Gudang Power Plant has placed an order with TWI SE Asia to implement an RBI programme using RiskWISE for BoilersTM. The Plant at Pasir Gudang, situated on the Johor Peninsula, has been in commercial operation since 2002 and comprises two 110MW combined cycle units.

The work will focus on the plant's two heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) with the aim of optimising outage inspection planning in a manner acceptable to the Malaysian Regulator, the Department of Safety and Health (DOSH).

For more information contact the RiskWISE team by email: riskwise@twi.co.uk or telephone +44(0)1223 891162

LIFEWISETM programme can save millions (£)

LIFEWISETM is an assessment programme comprising TWI's analysis tools to undertake fully-quantitative cost-risk optimisation. LIFEWISETM is particularly useful for optimising inspection or maintenance budgets for business-critical systems. LIFEWISETM is therefore a specialist extension of the RISKWISETM inspection planning methodology.


Using Net Present Value (NPV) as the financial measure, the LIFEWISETM model incorporates a trade-off between forced outage lost production costs and, for example, replacement costs. The optimum replacement date corresponds to the maximum NPV.


LIFEWISETM is suitable for a wide variety of business-critical capital equipment components such as: boiler superheater tube banks, oil and gas prod uction pipeline networks, oil refinery fired heater radiant tubes, etc.

The application of LIFEWISETM can save an operator millions (£) in avoiding forced outages and unnecessary maintenance and inspection costs.

For more information about implementing the LIFEWISETM programme, please contact: lifewise@twi.co.uk

Risk-based inspection enters the renewable energy sector

TWI is leading a UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) sponsored project to develop a risk-based life management (RBLM) methodology to reduce operating costs of offshore wind farms.

The project is a part of a DTI renewable energy programme 'Cost Reduction and Life Extension of Offshore Wind Farms' (CORLEX). Initially, the project aims to produce prototype analytical RBLM software to help operators to design safe, technically sound and economically supportable risk-based maintenance and inspection programmes.

For more information contact the RiskWISE team by email: riskwise@twi.co.uk or telephone +44(0)1223 891162

RiskWISETM finds use in outage planning in US power plant

Alstom Power Inc (API), TWI's Associate Partner for RiskWISE for BoilersTM in the USA, is utilizing the software as a pre-outage assessment tool at one of its customer's power plants in the USA. The work forms part of API's US-based Customer Services and is aimed at establishing an optimum outage inspection and maintenance plan for three units at a power station in Texas.

For more information contact the RiskWISE team by email: riskwise@twi.co.uk or telephone +44(0)1223 891162