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RiskWISE™ News Issue 5

RiskWISE™ News Issue 5


Riskwise News




ALSTOM Power Inc. (API) signs an agreement with TWI to license TWI's RISKWISE for Boilers™ software





API's US-based Customer Services, headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, has entered into a license agreement with TWI to permit API to use TWI's RISKWISE™ software in the US Market. API will include the RISKWISE™ software in its service portfolio. Particular features of the RISKWISE™ software are its flexibility in accommodating qualitative as well as quantitative input, and coupled with its remaining life module, provide a basis from which outages can be scheduled. It is expected that the RISKWISE for Boilers™ software, when utilised in conjunction with API's broad technical expertise, will assist power plant operators in realising improved levels of availability while concomitantly controlling maintenance costs.



Agents established in Mexico and Pakistan

Agency agreements have recently been established with SIEEND in Mexico (contact German SalazarE-mail: gsalazar@sieend.com.mx) and Petrosult & Unimart in Pakistan (contact Yousuf Memon E-mail: info@pnucorrinp.com)


RISKWISE for Tanks™ applied in Malaysia





A major terminal in Malaysia has selected RISKWISE for Tanks™ to optimise its tank inspection and maintenance planning. Working through ABS Consulting (Singapore), TWI provided on-the-job training to the operator during the software implementation.


The terminal started its operations in January of 2000 and provides storage and handling services for local petrochemical plants. The facility has a total of 390,000 cubic metres of storage capacity in 40 custom-built tanks and spheres. There are normal atmospheric tanks with and without nitrogen blanketing, cryogenic tanks and heated tanks. Transfers to and from customers are by pipelines, tank trucks and berths, which were included in the scope of the RBI project along with other general pressure equipment such as heat exchangers.

RISKWISE for Tanks™ is an RBI analysis software system that has been specifically designed to address the unique risk factors associated with storage tanks. The software was vetted by the Malaysian safety regulating authority DOSH, prior to commencing the RBI project. It is compliant with API RP580 and includes the key elements of the draft tank assessment procedures in API BRD 581. The RBI analysis procedure in RISKWISE for Tanks™ was also designed to comply with the new EEMUA (Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association) Publication 159, which is the only published RBI assessment procedure for API-designed tanks.


TWI runs RBI seminars in China and Taiwan





CBPVI (the Centre for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection and Research) hosted a seminar in Beijing with an invited audience notably from SINOPAC (Chinese Chemical and Petroleum Corporation) companies.


This event was preceded by seminars in Taipei and Kaohsiung organised by CESH (the Centre for Environmental Safety and Health) part of Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). The collective audience for both seminars was around 100 representatives from Taiwan's petrochemical, process and power industries.

Both CBPVI and ITRI-CESH have become Associate Partner Licensees of RISKWISE™


Integrated RBI Module for UltraPIPE© users

RISKCalc™, the API RP580 compliant Level 1 offspring of RISKWISE™ is the new RBI module fully integrated into UltraPIPE© and designed specifically for UltraPIPE© users. This customized integration has made the RISKCalc™ module an attractive choice for existing UltraPIPE© users requiring RBI software.

UltraPIPE© users requiring the RISKCalc™ module or further information should contact: Paul Schlenker, E-mail: paul@ultrapipe.com or Fax: +1(0) 610-891-9169 or www.ultrapipe.com or Mel Prior at TWI, E-mail: mel.prior@twi.co.uk

UltraPIPE© is a modular plant inspection data management and analysis program developed exclusively by S.O.S. Engineering Software, with cooperation and input from almost 400 facilities worldwide.


RISKWISE for Process Plant™ used by Associate Partner in Italy





Donegani Anticorrosione, one of the most important Italian companies in the field of inspection and NDT services, has carried out an RBI study on a Polyethylene gas phase plant using RISKWISE for Process Plant™.


The aim was to develop a criticality ranking of the plant equipment and to prepare an inspection plan focusing on the most critical items. The plant is relatively new and the historical data are relatively few. Donegani Anticorrosione based the assessment on the previous inspection data and utilised the experience of plant engineers

The plant process is relatively non-aggressive, being gas phase, with relatively non-critical fluid and mild process parameters, i.e. temperature and pressure. Attention concentrated on the possibility of damage from external agents, such as corrosion under insulation and stress corrosion cracking as the plant is close to the sea.

The application of the methodology to different kinds of process plant, demonstrated the usefulness of the RBI approach in optimisation of an inspection plan.

Donegani Anticorrosione has future plans to use RISKWISE™ on ethylene cracking plant.


RISKWISE™ updates


  • Multimode function - This new feature allows the RISKWISE™ suite to be installed on one machine so that the user may easily switch between all four RISKWISE™ products
  • Enhanced help files, also viewable via the internet
  • Calculator and Notepad functions within RISKWISE™, aiding assessment
  • Additional Damage Mechanisms
  • Modified Written Scheme of Examination
  • New RISKWISE™ demo database for all RISKWISE™ products
  • Increased number of item types available within RISKWISE for Storage Tanks™ products
  • Enhanced Japanese edition of RISKWISE™
  • Improved software security and licence renewal.